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  • WASD to move (alternate: arrow keys)
  • Space bar to talk/interact
  • Q/E to zoom in and out (alternate: mousewheel; +/- keys)

Nate arrives to work with a box of half-dozen donuts to share with co-workers…

He lets his co-workers know he brought them donuts, drops them off in the breakroom, and then steps out momentarily to stop by his desk and wash his hands before diving in…

…when he returns, alas, they are all gone!

There are six workers present, including Nate, and six donuts. Which means someone ate two! Who could this double donut eater be?!

Published 34 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorLou Bagel
TagsAction RPG, Dark Humor, donut, Mystery, office, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksHomepage, Twitter, Patreon

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Nice game but after speaking to Glen I managed to be behind me forcing me to restart the game D:

Here is what it looks like:

Very cute game! The visuals are great and the music isn't overly repetitive. I did hit one snag  where a repeat dialogue with Glen caused the game to stop responding, but it wasn't a big deal to start over. Great job!

Sorry about that! I've heard that a few times now but never came across it during any of my testing.  Maybe will have to figure out a new way to debug!

Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I've got Emmanuel telling me an hint about Emmanuel, and he was the culprit ! good game by the way :)

lol I thought I had the system worked out perfectly where no one rats on themselves but I guess I didn't test it enough.  Oh well, I guess it adds to the humor!  Thanks!

don't spoil it for new players. Also it should change every time. Utensils and person

Simple storyline. Nice tunes; Nice play!!!!!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Hey Lou Bagel! 

I played your game on my YouTube channel! 

Thanks for making this game! It was really neat and I LOVEd the art style. It is good to see more games using this art style. Keep up the good work! 

This is awesome!  Watching someone play is the best kind of feedback!

I love this game and its graphics, please continue to develop it. :)

Thank you!  At the moment, there are no plans of stopping!