Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you everyone that played my game and for the comments and following.

Level 3

I have several level ideas written down that I am looking at to see what makes sense.  I would like to keep it as chronological as possible so am brainstorming which idea would fit the characters I have now plus one (the new character to come in the elevator). always, if you have something that terribly frustrates you at the office please let me know!  It can be a great inspiration for a level, even if it doesn't seem like a game at first!

Comprehensive Game

If no idea for Level 3 stands out I may work on combining levels 1 and 2 into the same file while adding a mini-level for the characters you see that you haven't gotten a chance to play as.  For the first one or two characters it would most likely be very simple and quick to act as tutorial levels.  That leaves 2 characters I would have to think of a small game for each before getting to level 2 (that you have played here on itch).

I think this would be a great format for itch as you only can have one project active.  My website I may keep the original format since I have the high score tables there—that can be the pro of playing on—and can differentiate between the two.  It would also allow me to try something different without completely tearing down what I have.

Other Project

Also note, I am working on another project right now with someone else.  Started just before Christmas, but didn't have the time to work on it then due to the holidays, but the last few days we have made some progress on it.  I am telling you this so you know why I may not have as much time for this right now as I did before, but we've gotten good feedback on it so far so maybe you should check it out!  It is also uploaded on Itch, although it is in the prototype stages, you can try it here:

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