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found this gme while searching for dark humor! Pretty fun


..surprised it came up under dark humor. Do you think it is dark humor? Should I go darker?? haha


Eh I don't really think its dark humor, just... regular humor? 


Ayyyye, found out your game was featured in the "New & popular free featured games for web" page, along with 179 other games. Gratz, Lou! :D

Just recently??? This is 5 years old! lol and thanks!

Ah, forgot about this comment. Didn't expect to get a reply here haha

Good to hear from you!


I pretty like the game a lot. The music is great, the controls are good. The idea of it is very nice. I made a video of it if you'd like to check it out. Hope there will be a level 3!


Thank you so much for the video and for commenting!  The support is more motivating than people can ever realize!

I shared your video on Twitter.  I didn't find you (I assume that is you) until after I tweeted:

Yes! I am sorry it take me a lot to reply, but I was a little disconnected. But I really should be the one thanking you! Keep doing wat you do, I know you have amazing projects coming on!



Thank you!

Nice game but after speaking to Glen I managed to be behind me forcing me to restart the game D:

Here is what it looks like:


haha, oh man, I didn't even think of that, even though at one point I was thinking of having co-workers block off access at certain points. lol.

Sorry Glen is such a jerk!  (blame him, not me lol)


Bloody Glen!

Very cute game! The visuals are great and the music isn't overly repetitive. I did hit one snag  where a repeat dialogue with Glen caused the game to stop responding, but it wasn't a big deal to start over. Great job!

Sorry about that! I've heard that a few times now but never came across it during any of my testing.  Maybe will have to figure out a new way to debug!

Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I've got Emmanuel telling me an hint about Emmanuel, and he was the culprit ! good game by the way :)

lol I thought I had the system worked out perfectly where no one rats on themselves but I guess I didn't test it enough.  Oh well, I guess it adds to the humor!  Thanks!

don't spoil it for new players. Also it should change every time. Utensils and person

It actually does change every time!  So no worries on spoiling it!  

...unless telling people that it changes every time will spoil it...oh no...

LOL I love the game KEEP IT UP! Also MAKE A NEW WEB GAME I don't like downloading.

Simple storyline. Nice tunes; Nice play!!!!!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Hey Lou Bagel! 

I played your game on my YouTube channel! 

Thanks for making this game! It was really neat and I LOVEd the art style. It is good to see more games using this art style. Keep up the good work! 

This is awesome!  Watching someone play is the best kind of feedback!

I love this game and its graphics, please continue to develop it. :)

Thank you!  At the moment, there are no plans of stopping!