Cacti Couple

Cacti Couple

Originally by AceWay, which you can find by AceWayDev on Twitter.

The Cacti Couple originated with a simple tweet from AceWay who completed the Pixel_Dailie (a daily pixelart challenge) of cactus for that day.  Little did AceWay know that the devious Lou Bagel would use these two for his bidding...

Which was to create a simple game prototype where AceWay's Karate guy would kidnap one of the two and they would have to be rescued Donkey Kong (the original) Style!

In under an hours work, Lou Bagel has stolen AceWay's sprites and made a game that anyone could easily beat in 3 seconds...well worth the time if you ask me.

Don't be shy, it only takes 3 seconds: Cacti Attack

And that is how the friendliest thief-victim relationship started...but its not where it ended...

Shortly after the game was posted, a dark mysterious figure chimed in with a "I'LL KILL YOU LOU. HOW DO YOU WIN THIS GAME ?"

It was Darkeyed19, who was dark because the word is in the name, and mysterious because Lou had not encountered him before.

Lou could not let the threat lay idle.  He rose to the challenge, and once again started his thievery of art. Including this one from DarkEyed.

Thus "level 2" of this Cacti non-sense was born: Cacti Attack 2

This one may take more than 3 seconds, but it is well worth it.

There you may think the story ends.  But the Cacti Couple lay dormant for what seems like the longest of times. Until, they could find their time for revenge...

Which is to raid Lou Bagel's Waffle Bar!


...and tip generously! Thanks you two!


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