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Fun little game, thanks for using my sprites :)





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@LouBagel I just played "Lou Bagel's Waffle Bar"

- First of all, excellent work on the audio, @scowsh

- I like the Weebl and Bob reference

- The game is very convincing about the retro, monochrome feel, especially with the audio (Even the page theme for the game is excellent)

- Excellent job on the mechanics, such as the syrup, upgrades, practice bar, game over conditions, animations, etc.

- I actually enjoyed playing this game and found myself getting into it. It seems like one of the more complete games, this week.

Thanks Knives!

...although I'm not familiar with Weebl n Bob  :(

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The first customers in your game reminds me exactly of Weebl and Bob (they even say, "Hey," the same way, when entering the diner):

haha that's awesome.  I actually didn't make those characters originally, so not sure if it is inspired from that. 

Made by a Twitter friend, AceWay (credited in game and description).  Found the original sprite and tweet here: 

Hey! I like it a lot. It gives me a lot of old games vibes. Actually, I don't know why, but the first game that came to mind while playing this was a game I had called the Tiger Electronic - Handheld Game - Paperboy, to be precise. It's pretty fun, couldn't get far from the 5th level though, but I was short on time. I know what I will be doing tomorrow!


The 5th level is pretty good!  Most people get stuck on 3rd and 4th there first couple of tries.  I used to love Paperboy, I think I had it for NES though.  Let me know if you record yourself playing it! :) 

great game that took the inspiration from the tapper with a modern twist.

great art and music!  fun lil game! :D


And the music is by