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I created a couple quick Sprite Fonts to use in Construct.  They aren't the best fonts—my first attempts—but figured I might as well share:

  • Lou-Bagel-Caps: All letters look capitalized but actual capitalized are a bit larger
  • Lou-Bagel-Tiny-0.1: A tiny font that may be good for background text such as unimportant conversations between NPCs
  • Five-By-Five: As the title hints, the font is 5px by 5px.  I wanted to try and do a font as small as possible as I wanted to make text bubbles for my characters.

Character Size

  • Lou-Bagel-Caps
    • Width: 7
    • Height: 9
  • Lou-Bagel-Tiny-0.1
    • Width: 6
    • Height:  9
  • Five-By-Five
    • Width: 5
    • Height: 5
    • Note: need to add line spacing and letter spacing
  • Snowy Font (Large)
    • Width: 16
    • Height: 16
  • Snowy Font (Small)
    • Width: 12 with spacing, 10 without 
    • Height: 12 with spacing, 10 without
    • Note: 2 versions saved—with and without spacing


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Lou-Bagel-Fonts-3.0.zip 452 kB
Lou-Bagel-Fonts-2.0.zip 180 kB
Lou-Bagel-Fonts.zip 354 kB

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