Edited Music Video

The edited music video was created by simply screen recording the above project. A few transitions and zooms were added, but made from entirely what you see above.

See more here as well: Heartache Project and Blog Post on LouBagel.com

Musical Artist Details

Song Title: Heartache
Artist: Color For Colors
Album: Heartache
Released: August 3, 2022

Website: https://www.colorforcolors.com
Bandcamp: https://colorforcolors.bandcamp.com/album/heartache
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4kyxeDE5TLGriBmbAjutm2


Lou Bagel Industries, partnering with Lou Bagel Productions, which partnered with Lou Bagel himself, has been in production, and partnering, of creating a fan music video for the song Heartache by Colors for Colors.

My definition of fan music video here, is that it is not the official music video for Heartache. Nor was it commissioned, requested, nor directed by Colors For Colors. The Music Video was created voluntarily by Lou Bagel Industries, and created through the creative lens and interpretation of Lou Bagel Industries, not Colors for Colors. Though, Colors For Colors has given Lou Bagel Industries permission to release and share this fan music video.

Key Shortcuts

  • P: Pause/Unpause Toggle
  • F: Toggle Full screen
  • C: Toggle Hide Cursor. Not applicable to title screen
  • T: Toggle Timer on screen. 
  • V: Secret Key! Toggles showing skip ahead options on the title screen. When using these, there might be some bits that are missing, which is why I don't have them showing by default. But if you want to skip ahead to re-watch a favorite part, these can help!
  • 1: Zoom Level 0.6 (most zoomed out)
  • 2: Zoom Level 0.8
  • 3: Zoom Level 1
  • 4: Zoom Level 1.5
  • 5: Zoom Level 2 (most zoomed in)

The disable flashing option on the title screen does not have a keyboard shortcut. Flashing effects were used a few times in the original creation. I have disable flashing checked as default keeping in mind epilepsy/photosensitivity. I have no clue if how much flashing I used is of concern, but better to be safe than sorry.

Pixel Artist Details

Pixel Art by Lou Bagel
Website: https://www.loubagel.com


I’m gonna take my heartache down two floors,
I’m gonna bury that feeling beneath my core
I’ll watch it turn into something I can’t ignore,
what’s new?

(I’m gonna take my heartache on down
it’s a feeling I’ve found
I’m gonna bury it underground)

Saturday night, yet I can’t fight this feelin’
another drink in my hand, but I can’t stand this feelin’
resigned to my bed, though I can’t shed this feelin’
the morning will break, but I can’t shake this feelin’

Why do I carry this heartache?
another year over
another year older now

Why, do I carry this heartbreak
another year older
another year over
and I just can’t find my way

In the night,
try to shield the weight of every memory
I can’t seem to shoulder
I’m just not the soldier I could be

I’m gonna take my heartache down two floors,
I’m gonna bury that feeling beneath my core
I’ll watch it turn into something I can’t ignore,
what’s new?

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorLou Bagel
Made withConstruct
TagsMusic, Pixel Art, video
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksYouTube, YouTube, Soundtrack, Homepage

Development log


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That was absolutely great! Loved it, Lou



HAHAHA  i love how this guy claps

the rest looks really great too of course!


Thanks dude!