Game Pad Now Supported

Updated the demo so gamepad should be fully supported now!

Right now besides movement there is only one button required, so all gamepad buttons* will do the same thing.  I could have made one of the buttons exit out of the menu so you don't have to move up to the "Exit" option on the menu but I wanted to keep it simple and straightforward—aka avoid discussion of which button intuitively is cancel and which is select...and the accidentally hitting the wrong one which I do ALL THE TIME even in games I play a lot!

*gamepad buttons meaning the A, B, X, Y type.  START pauses the game, which there is no visual key or menu yet. SELECT or L & R are not used at all.

Mobile controls are supported a bit actually except for the menus.  This game is not meant to be played on mobile.  Although you can find a version of the game-jam game that was converted to a mobile version: 

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Apr 11, 2019


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Hey Lou, I'm using a logictech gamepad and the analog stick works just fine for me. Just thought I'd pass that information along.


Thank you!