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Analog stick works just fine for me @Lou ^^ Nice job man!


This is actually really good! I had a lot of fun! thank you so much! 


Dear Valued Customer Nathan,

We apologize you didn't receive your goldfish you ordered.  We did send it out standard shipping which should have taken 3 days.  But unfortunately the goldfish died due to being in a package for 3 days and not being fed.  We will go back to the drawing board to re-think this poorly thought out business model!

Jk!  The goldfish didn't arrive because Dave didn't actually order it—when you clicked purchase Dave actually noticed his wife was getting impatient and said "I better get off the computer now."  Glad this happened as now I know I need to make it more clear.  (as well as some other issues or intuitive things  I noticed)

Thanks so much for playing and uploading the video!  I really enjoy your enthusiasm and you had me cracking up the whole time!  Will definitely check out your other videos...but for now I need to get some sleep! Thanks again!